Frequently Asked Questions...

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Here are a few Answers to Questions you may have...

Frequently Asked Questions...Frequently Asked Questions...Frequently Asked Questions...Frequently Asked Questions...Frequently Asked Questions...

Q.   Why would you or your parents want to participate with the Cinnabar Project?

A.    This a great opportunity to spend some fun time learning and working together and individually toward personal growth. Lots of wrap sessions in groups of male’s / female’s, teens, young adults and parents or just one big "Pow Wow” of open discussion.

Q.    Where do my donations go for?

A.     All proceeds go toward building our programming, facilities and professional instructional staff.

Q.    Will I receive a certificate after completing any of the workshops?

A.     Yes, every workshop/program participant will receive a certificate of completion.

Q.    Where are workshops held?

A.     At the present time they will be held at various Centers in the Inland Empire.

Q.    How many participate in the workshop?

A.     We would like to keep all workshops relatively small and personal so that everyone is assured the full benefits, however there will be several workshops held for many of the programs so that everyone who is interested will have the chance to attend.

Q.    How long are your workshops?

A.     Depending on the subject the times will vary.

Q.    Can I be in several programs at the same time?

A.     Yes, we encourage you to choose among different workshops  to enhance your tailored personal growth.