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Everyday I try to learn something interesting to empower myself. The source of insight may come from a book, a person, a documentary, a place, the show Jeopardy. or even how to say a greeting, or word in a different language, or how different cultures approach different situations. Knowledge is everywhere I find it broadens my world. I live in a multi cultural community and enjoy greeting people in their own dialect, and sometimes we teach each other, a little at a time about the differences and likes we share. Oh yea, my favorites are "How to..." ways to make our life less complicated.

Try it, you never know when you'll be on a game show, or have to use it.  In some cases you might want to double check your sources. Here are a few entertaining ones to start you off, I will try to add more daily.



How many distinct colors can the human eye perceive?

A. 5 million      B. 10 million      C.15 million

COLOR derives from the spectrum of light interacting in the eye with the spectral sensitivities of the light receptors.

B. 10 million. Thanks to three types of light sensitive cones in our eyes, most of us can distinguish about 10 million colors.  That makes us a rarity in the natural world: Probably only birds and some insects rival our color perceiving abilities.

Why do some clouds appear to look white in color, while others are gray, black, or other colors?

The color of a cloud depends primarily on the thickness of the cloud. As sunlight passes through a cloud tiny water droplets that make up the cloud scatter all colors of light in the same manner, producing a white color. As the cloud gets thicker, less light can pass through to the base of the cloud and it appears darker... Very dark looking clouds or black clouds, are proably those that contain a lot of rain in them and part of a thunderstorm.