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Cinnabar Project is a Consortium of Community Based Organizations, Private Businesses, Individuals and other caring community partners united together for the common good and development of youth, teens and young adults. Our Goal is to create a system of services to meet the educational, employment and developmental needs.


Let go of the past… Trust the future… Embrace change… Come out of the cocoon ,,, Unfurl your wings…. Dare to get off the ground… Ride the breezes… Put on your brightest colors… Let your beauty show…

From the Desk Top of Euniece


School starts usually right after Labor Day, and we have been running around like good parents, getting school supplies, school clothes, and for some uniforms so that our kids will be ready when the first school bell rings. I commend you parents for staying ahead of the game. But how are we preparing them emotionally for the school year?

I have a few ways that you can do this and though they may seem simple they will carry your child toward a successful adult life.

  • Cultivate Your Childs Confidence

Did you know that kids who are praised for their efforts,

Instead of their intelligence are more confident & successful, according to Standford University.

Kids tend to feel like, if they study and fail, then they must not be smart. When you tell them their smart this is what can happen. A better way: if they do well on a test, for example Say ““Congratulations, you really studied hard.” 

A lot of people make the mistake of praising results, instead of the effort it takes to achieve them.

In Japan effort is rewarded far more than intelligence, as a result Japanese students tend to keep trying much longer than American Kids.

  Help Them Bounce Back From a Set Back -- Euniece